Our philanthropic practices reflect our belief that systemic change is a result of deep, personal, and community-centered work. We take a time-intensive, relational and trust- based approach to knowing and supporting our collaborators.

Our Guiding Goals

Guiding Goals

Promoting Just Culture

Often, the inherent weight of the issues our collaborators are addressing – environmental injustice, climate change, pollution, food insecurity and more – causes organizers and employees to sacrifice their own well-being for the cause. We believe our collaborators should have healthy, supportive and safe environments in which they can effectively work to cultivate social good without sacrificing their own health.

To us, a Just Culture is one where all nonprofit workers (staff, board, volunteers, and contractors) have access to fair compensation and benefits, opportunities for shared decision making, support to grow professionally, and the ability to work in a safe, welcoming, and healthy environment.

We aim to help our collaborators attain the holistic support they need to thrive, which includes providing general operating support, multi-year grants, and capacity-building support.

In recent years, we have engaged in research and piloted grant processes to help us understand how we can better promote Just Culture in our work with our collaborators. Learn more about our journey with Just Culture here. Please also visit the Just Culture website, where we are fostering continued learning and conversations around Just Culture with our colleagues in the philanthropic and non-profit sector.


Trust Over Transaction

Trust Over Transaction