"As never before in history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning . . . Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life."
Pope Francis, Laudato Si' (207)


In November 1872, Mother Mary Odilia Berger and five companions arrived on the St. Louis riverfront to care for sick people regardless of their ability to pay. Throughout our history we have remained faithful to our founder’s vision, following the Spirit’s call wherever that has led.

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Our Presence and Impact

By using our assets through impact investing and philanthropy, we extend our presence and our influence throughout the world, actively working to combat global warming and the destruction of earth’s water, land, and inhabitants and to bring God’s compassion to all.

Who We Support

  • Arch Grants

    Philanthropy Initiative

    FSM has partnered with Arch Grants to identify and support the next generation of food businesses in the St. Louis region.

  • Catholic Climate Covenant

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Catholic Climate Covenant inspires and equips people and institutions across the United States to care for creation and for the poor.

  • Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative works to accelerate and expand the use of wealth in service of people and planet.

  • Center for Earth, Energy, and Democracy

    Philanthropy Initiative

    CEED advances grassroots environmental justice efforts through education, policy analysis, and local and regional network building.

  • Chicago Frontline Funding Initiative

    Philanthropy Initiative

    The Chicago Frontlines Funding Initiative (CFFI) is a collaboration of funders supporting grassroots environmental justice organizations in the Chicago area.

  • City Greens Market

    Philanthropy Initiative

    City Greens Market is a local, community grocery store in St. Louis.

  • Community First Plus

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Community First Plus is an intersectional environmental organization committed to regenerative community development, sustainable living, and raising awareness of the environmental racism that impacts Black, Brown, and low-income zip codes in St. Louis, MO.

  • Conservation Forestry Capital III


    Conservation Forestry (CF) is a proactive steward of land focusing particular attention on conserving soil, water and wildlife resources.


    Philanthropy Initiative

    CYNESA helps young Catholics in sub-Saharan Africa respond to environmental degradation and climate change.

  • Dutchtown South Community Corporation

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Dutchtown South Community Corporation equips the community to play an active role in sustainable, equitable development in south St. Louis.

  • EarthDance Farms

    Philanthropy Initiative

    EarthDance Farms is a 14-acre teaching farm in Ferguson, MO equipping the next generation of organic farmers.

  • Economy of Francesco

    Philanthropy Initiative

    The Economy of Francesco is a global network of young economists, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists committed to giving a new soul to the global economy.

Last year our investments helped reduce energy costs of low-income households in East Africa by $36,300, produced more than 11,000 kilowatts of clean energy, and reduced CO2 emissions by 1,230 metric tonnes.

News and Notes

New Info in Regards to FSM Giving

Please read our most current update as of August 9, 2022, HERE.  The purposes of this communication are to introduce ourselves, share our intentions behind building a participatory fund, update the community on our progress, and discuss our current grant capacity. As always, we seek to be transparent and are grateful for your patience and...

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Main Photo: “Stellar Sky in the Land of 10,000 Lakes,” © Travis Novitsky. All rights reserved. Used with permission.