Today, our approach to impact stems from the long legacy of dedicated sisters who founded, expanded and operated our health ministries. Driven by faith, selfless compassion and the mandate from Mother Odilia to “continue courageously,” our sisters always sought to go where the need was greatest. Our sisters faced this challenge with creativity and determination, serving places and people others would not.

Following years of ministry through innovative, compassionate care, we now commit our resources to new ways of healing, new ways of providing care to areas of great need. Through impact investing, directed philanthropy and advocacy for the care of creation, we expand our tradition of health care to care for the health of the planet and its people. These new ministries are how we respond, as Pope Francis has pleaded, to “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”

We reinvest the assets built over many years of ministry to support collaborators locally, regionally, and globally who carry on the legacy of compassionate care through care of creation.

Who We Support

  • True Green Capital Fund III


    True Green Capital Fund III addresses climate change by developing and constructing solar assets in the small-scale Commercial and Industrial segment. These projects allow small business customers to save on power costs, typically by 20%.

  • United People Market

    Philanthropy Initiative

    United People Market promotes healthy food pop-up markets, community gardening, education and advocacy in North St. Louis.

  • Virtú Evergreen Fund


    Virtú is a vertically integrated real estate investment platform pursuing Class B multifamily properties in 2nd and 3rd tier US markets with an opportunity for significant utility and expense reduction through the deployment of green building retrofit programs.

  • Vision Ridge Sustainable Asset Fund I, II, and III


    Vision Ridge Partners is a clean-energy-oriented investment firm. The Sustainable Asset Fund (SAF) invests in sustainably managed real assets in industry verticals including water, agriculture, energy efficiency, renewable power generation, land/biomass and transportation.

  • Vita

    Philanthropy Initiative

    Vita works to fight hunger and climate change in Africa through the empowerment of local communities.


    Philanthropy Initiative

    WEPOWER helps St. Louis communities build power by taking into account the needs of the most marginalized groups among us and the planet.